What's Mine is Yours
Criteria for Clothing
(Gently Loved Clothing)

  We are grateful for any and all donations, big or small, but please be considerate when donating your clothing. We will not accept anything with stains, holes/rips, or damaged clothing. If you would not wear it yourself because of its condition, please do not donate it to us. We came up with the term, "Gently Loved Clothing." to describe to condition of the clothing that we accept. "G.L.C" has been worn, but also taken care of.  Your gently loved clothing will make a big difference for girls in need within Contra Costa County and Alameda County. Thank you for making a difference! Check back to see photos of where your donations are going and who they are helping.

Above, Paige and Katie sort through a donation. Clothing is folded and sorted, then placed in categorized bins until the we find them a home! Katie and Paige are dedicated to making sure every girl in the community has clothing to call her own, clothing she loves, and most importantly, clothing she feels confident in.


*Formal Wear*

 We need
it all!
Please no undergarments or socks

e serve girls between the ages of 12 and 17. Please keep  the styles and appropriateness in mind as you gather your donation)
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